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Industrial Cooling Tower


Our Custom Built Cooling Towers Stand up to the Test... Year After Year.

For decades, plant managers and engineering professionals across the country have relied on CTM for state-of-the-art expertise in commercial and industrial applications. Together with our engineering partners Marley, our engineering staff is well-versed in evaluating all makes and models of cooling towers, offering comprehensive analysis and solutions.

As a Canadian agent for Marley, we combine their years of engineering expertise with CTM’s field experience to bring the customer unique alternatives and support.

Designed for Efficiency and Longevity

Designed for Efficiency & Longevity.

We offer cooling towers of virtually any configuration, designed for maximum efficiency and capacity, according to your specifications.

Only high-quality components are used, for better performance and a longer life cycle.

Industrial Cooling Tower

1. A lightweight, high efficiency
fibreglass fan-blade unit.

2. Pressure treated Redwood or structural grade Douglas fir, used in construction to maximize strength & durability. Also available in all fibreglass

3. Non-clogging PVC spray system, offering low maintenance and optimum tower performance.

Field-Erected Towers

Field erected towers can be designed and configured to meet whatever custom requirements the job site needs. Available in pressure treated wood/fiberglass or complete fiberglass, CTM will engineer the tower for lowest energy input, unique wet bulb conditions or difficult access installations.

Shown here is a CTM induced draft counterflow tower constructed:

Field Erected Towers

Field Erected Towers

Field Erected Towers


Performance Upgrades
Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades.

In addition our customer needed an additional 15% increase in performance, something the original manufacturer said couldn’t be done.

We rose to the challenge, with a design and reconstruction that performed at a 25% increase of the original design.


Reconstructing Success

Reconstructing Success.

Built correctly, even a 30-year-old tower can be structurally sound. We know exactly which components to replace with new, high-efficiency products, to maximize the performance and extend the life of your system.

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