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An old cooling tower can be scrapped or recycled. At CTM we take selected towers, into our inventory, remanufacture or rebuild them as the market demands and make them available for quick delivery.

Remanufactured Towers


A remanufactured Induced Draft Cross Flow Tower

The CTM Remanufactured cooling tower pictured above was stripped to the steel frame, sand blasted and painted with two part epoxy; new supports, new Brentwood high efficiency PVC fill and drift eliminators were installed; new spray nozzles, new gearbox, new composite drive shaft, new fibreglass fan blades, new safety screens, new motor and rebuilt flow control valve; new FRP casing and louvers, new sump screen. Remanufactured means complete replacement.


Sandblasted and epoxy coated frames waiting for fill mechanical and casings


CTM will deliver a Remanufactured Packaged Steel Packaged Cooling Tower, with a 2 year warranty, to Your Site in 24 hours!

  • - 125 -1200 tons (200-2000USGPM)
  • - Meets original O.E.M. specifications - or better!
  • - Uses O.E.M. original parts - or better!
  • - Can be delivered to your site in 24hrs at a fraction of the cost of the O.E.M unit!