Emergency Spot Cooling – Summer Is Coming

Portable Air Conditioner with ductwork going into a building

If you are considering a portable A/C unit for residential or a small room or pup tent, the units on sale at your local home renovation warehouse for $750 are good little machines. They install easily, require 110v residential service, and often do not require a condensate pump because they don’t produce enough condensate to require mechanical pumping. The drawback to these units is that they are also almost impossible to service, extremely prone to breakdown, and are not designed for commercial use.

Commercial spaces such as server rooms, production lines, larger office spaces with failed mechanical cooling systems, or any other critical space where the requirement is to significantly drop the humidity levels and dry bulb temperature, only spot cooler like Oceanaire will get the job done. The Oceanaire product works very well at cooling a room with significant loads because they use centrifugal steel blowers and appropriately sized evaporator/condenser aluminum fin/copper tube coils. A rule of thumb for sizing portable A/C units is to assume one ton for every 400-800 square feet of space while taking into account windows, excess heat loads etc.

CTM is the Canadian distributor for the Oceanaire product line, manufactured in the United States (Mount Prospect, Illinois), and we have had an excellent working relationship with them for over ten years now. Lastly, repair parts are available through CTM. There is a filter on the evaporator side (front side air intake) of the machine which can be cleaned, the pumps are pretty solid and the compressor is warrantied for 3 years. In the event replacement parts are required everything is made the USA and available for purchase through CTM.

Keep us in mind this cooling season, we’ve got your back!.