Rental Portable Air Conditioning

Unexpected equipment failure is costly, frustrating, and unpredictable. When it happens, don’t be caught in a panic, the solution is often portable air conditioning. CTM maintains a full-service fleet of 0.75 – 25 ton portable AC units, available for same day service within the GTA. Whether the application be server rooms, data closets, elevator machine rooms, hospitals, events, or even commercial office spaces, portable AC by CTM is your answer to an unexpected emergency cooling failure. Let’s have a look at how they work!

Air Cooled

Portable Air Cooled AC

The unit is designed to sit inside the physical space it cools. Warm air from the conditioned space is drawn into the front of the machine at the evaporator intake grill and forced over the evaporator coil, transferring heat from the space to the chemical refrigerant. The now cold air is then discharged back into the space.

The chemical refrigerant then leaves the evaporator coil and is pumped into the second side of the A/C unit, the condenser side, where it travels through the compressor and eventually the condenser coil. In order to release the heat from the chemical refrigerant, a second air stream passes through the condenser coil, and the resulting hot air is discharged out of the top of the unit. It is for this reason that air cooled portable A/C units require duct work attached to the top of the unit in order to send the reject heat somewhere other than the conditioned space. We do not care where this duct work goes, as long as it is sent away from the conditioned space. In many emergency scenarios we simply send the flexible duct work down a hallway, out a window, or in a best-case scenario into a ceiling plenum where a return air fan will pick it up and send it back to the building system for cooling.

Water Cooled

Water cooled portable air conditioners are an efficient and effective way to control the climate when the application does not allow for venting of duct work, such as enclosed laboratories.

Water cooled A/C units connect to any standard sink, janitor/utility sink, or any other type of waste water outlet; all that is required is a 3/4″ threaded connection for the water line in, and the unit will discharge (1) 5/8″ bare end to drain.

The air conditioning cycle remains the same as the air cooled units, the major difference being the medium for cooling the condenser side is now water, instead of air.

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