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100 Sheppard Avenue – Manulife Financial

North York, Ontario

Manulife had recently purchased a building with a 2 cell Steel Forced Draft counter flow VLT 800 cooling tower was in a state of needed repairs.
– Tower interior was rusted and needed to be addressed before the steelwas completely gone.
– Fill media was plugged reducing capacity of unit.
– Mechanicals were at a point of failure.
– Customer wanted to install new VFD’s on the fan motors for energy management purposes.

– Tower had to be isolated in order so that 1 cell would run during repairs.
– Removed and replaced the fill media, eliminators, motors, mechanicals and installed new VFD’s.
– Sandblasted and epoxy coated the tower interior.

Project Details


Manulife Financial



Project Gallery

cooling tower fan shafr
interior of cooling tower view of fan snout
View of drift eliminator
Cooling Tower Basin, recently painted and caulked
under cold water basin of cooling tower, needs repair
recently painted cooling tower interior under the fill line
leaking access door
Cooling Tower view of fan sheave with belts