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First Canadian Place – Bank of Montreal

Toronto, Ontario

– Existing 6 cell – Series 15 wood cross flow tower was deteriorating and needed to be replaced. Amount or work required to overhaul tower was not economical so all 6 cells were replaced.

– 3 cells done at one time while other 3 cell tower was running
– Removed entire tower down to the supporting steel and removed from site
– Brought up all material through the building to the 79th floor and reassembled.
– Once commissioned the other 3 cell tower was replaced.

Project Details


Bank of Montreal



Time Frame

4 months per 3 cell tower (November – Feb) both towers

Project Gallery

Crossflow Tower fan stack midway through installation
Interior of crossflow tower midway through framing in the rebuild of the tower
Cooling Tower exterior view of newly rebuilt frame with new fill in winter
Crossflow tower interior view of the fan from below
Crossflow tower close up of fan in casing and motor
Crossflow Tower top with 3 large fans in there casing with motors
Crossflow Tower interior view of newly repaired frame with fill in place
Cooling Tower side view of new fill
CrossFlow Tower new metal louvers
Crossflow Tower Interior Rebuild with framing up
Crossflow Tower newly rebuilt interior cold water basin and fill
Crossflow Tower interior mid repair of the floor
Crossflow Tower broken louvers to be replaced
detreated louver column with water running down it
Cooling Tower Dirty and Cracking Fill
Crossflow Tower metal louvers in disrepair
Crossflow Tower interior view of fan from below
Crossflow Tower plenum with dirty water and disintegrating fill, prior to repair
Crossflow Tower Structural Rebuild Interior midway through framing
Cooling Tower midway through a reconstruction, fan removed leaving a large hole with motor and center parts remaining
Cooling Tower Basin with water, piping and a small portion of the fan cylinder in view
Dirty Fill of a Cooling Tower