For decades, plant managers and engineering professionals across the country have relied on Cooling Tower Maintenance for state-of-the-art expertise in industrial and commercial applications. Providing our customers with a wider range of options from a simple repair, to a rebuild to a restoration modification, to an outright replacement. We will assess your options to see what is the best solution for you.

Field-Erected & Packaged Steel Modular Towers

The most common practice for industrial towers is Field Erected Towers. These are usually large multiple cell towers to meet the requirements of the facility. Repairing a tower of this size can be a simple restoration to a single cell, restoring multiple cells or rebuilding the entire tower. In the right situation a Packaged Steel Modular Tower can be used for a full replacement of a cell, contact us find out more from a Cooling Tower Maintenance representative.

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Field-Erected Towers

Field erected towers can be designed and configured to meet whatever custom requirements the job site needs. Available in pressure treated wood/fiberglass, complete fiberglass, steel or stainless steel, Cooling Tower Maintenance will engineer the tower for lowest energy input, unique wet bulb conditions or difficult access installations.

commercial fan being lowered by a crane, technicians guiding it into place
1. A lightweight, high efficiency fibreglass fan-blade unit.
Industrial tower full view from a distance, in the framing stage
2. Pressure treated Redwood or structural grade Douglas fir, used in construction to maximize strength & durability. Also available in all fibreglass.
3. Non-clogging PVC spray system, offering low maintenance and optimum tower performance.

Packaged Steel Modular Towers

Factory assembled or field erected packaged steel towers are specifically designed and selected based on individual design conditions. The construction of packaged steel towers are ASHRAE and CTI certified. Towers are available in galvanized and stainless steel options. Find our more from your Cooling Tower Maintenance representative to determine which tower is best suited for your application.

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Here you can find more information about Counterflow, Crossflow, Forced Draft and Induced Draft Cooling Towers.


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