An INTAC® programmable electronic microprocessor humidifier control system can be mounted and pre-wired to the humidifier control panel door.All humidifier electrical, ground, and control terminal connections are enclosed in an ETL listed NEMA 12 enclosure.The INTAC® controller provides the following: 


  • Self-diagnostics and system verification on start-up.
  • Evaporating reservoir water level verification, control and safety interlock.
  • The controller is compatible with all water types.
  • Automatic reservoir drain and flush system.
  • The controller periodically drains and flushes the reservoir according to the actual accumulated “run” time (except RO/DI water models).
  • Seasonal drain system automatically drains the humidifier after a selected “NON-USE” period.
  • The controller can automatically reset the humidifier on a call for humidity (if utilized).
  • Terminal connections to accept virtually all control input signals.
  • Input control range is selected as an “ON-SCREEN” prompt.
  • Provides two lines of system messaging on a vacuum fluorescent display screen, LED operational indication and keypad parameter entry system.
  • The Display Loop includes: System Status, Actual Space RH, Duct RH (optional), High-Limit RH (optional), Outdoor Air Temperature (optional), Power Output, Humidifier/System Capacity (in lbs/hr or kg/hr) and Control Type.
  • Time-to-Service message.
  • Numbered screen prompts for set-up and service identification.
  • Full “ON-SCREEN” help information at all displays, prompts, alarms, or errors. The “HELP” message includes on screen diagnostic assistance.
  • Networking and BAS communication ports. Communication ports provide two-way communication between the INTAC® controller and the Building Automation System (BAS), if utilized.
  • High/Low humidity deviation alarm contacts (modulating control only). 
  • Fault alarm contacts.


Time Cycle Modulation:

  • Provides 0-100% time proportioned control of the heater output.
  • A compatible humidity sensor can be shipped loose for field installation (±3-4% RH).

SCR Modulation:

  • Provides 0-100% power modulation of the heater outputs down to a one-second cycle rate.
  • A compatible humidity sensor can be shipped loose for field installation (±1-2% RH).

Variable Air Volume (VAV) anticipation control:

  • The INTAC® software accepts a modulating high-limit humidity input and space controlling RH input, modulating the output to prevent over saturation. A compatible humidity sensor can be shipped loose for field installation.

Cold weather relative humidity reset:

  • The INTAC® software accepts a modulating temperature input and automatically reduces the space RH set-point on a drop in the outside temperature. The reduction of the RH set-point during cold weather periods prevents damage due to interior window condensation.

Reservoir thermocouple water control:

  • The INTAC® software provides stand-by water sensing and freeze protection.

A remote wall mount INTAC® user interface keypad/display module is furnished.


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