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Watermark Tower

Calgary, Alberta

– BAC CFT 2240 induced draft, 2 cell tower
– Tower had a lot of rust on the interior and the fill pack was occluded and plugged.
– Mechanical had vibrations and were rusted making difficult to adjust.

– Removed existing fill pack.
– Sandblast and paint entire interior of tower.
– Replace fill with Brentwood XF 75 fill packs.
– Replaced nozzles as many of the old nozzles were broken, not giving a proper spray pattern.
– Replaced the fan shaft bearings and sheaves to eliminate tower vibrations.
– Balanced fans and corrected blade pitch.

Project Details


Watermark Tower



Time Frame

3 weeks

Project Gallery

cleaned and repaired hot water basins being filled with water
interior of cross flow tower view of louvers and freshly epoxy painted floor and wall prior to installement of fill
interior cross flow tower mid repair, part way through grinding