Not if it’s inside your Air Handling Unit!

All air handling units eventually deteriorate.

This can present serious consequences for building managers and owners alike. Poorly operating air handling units typically create high energy costs which seriously affect the bottom line. Potential health risks, including Sick Building Syndrome, increase due to poor air quality in the building and cannot be ignored. Replacement of the equipment should it fail, is both expensive and inconvenient, causing tenant service interruptions. CTM trained inspectors asses the condition of the air handling unit(s) and repair or replace components in order to reestablish optimum unit performance. CTM’s Preventative Maintenance/Reconstruction Programmes save on operating costs, reduce system downtime, and extend equipment life.

Outside Casing

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Rusting fan housings result in perforation and structural failure.

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Remove rust and dirt, prepare surface properly and apply high grade epoxy coating.

New, High Efficiency Media


1. Insulation loosens and often falls off the panels.

2. Humidification media becomes torn or plugged with mineral deposits.

3. Water pumps are subject to widespread rust and often develop water leaks. Bacteria and fungi build-up present serious health risks.

New Stainless Steel Pan


1. Remove and replace with new insulation.

2. Replace with new high efficiency media, to reduce water usage and improve humidity control.

3.1. New stainless steel pan.

3.2. High grade epoxy coating.

Inside Your Air Handling Unit

Rusted supports, plugged coils & leaking pan


1. Unit casing and structural members become rusted and weak.

2. Heating/Cooling coils become plugged with airborne dirt or begin leaking.

3. Coil supports may be rusted-out.

New Stainless Steel Pan


1. Remove rust and epoxy coat or replace with new galvanized panels and supports.

2. Thorough cleaning with water pressure and a rust inhibiting chemical cleaner. Or replace the coils.

3. Replace with new hot dipped galvanized support.

Belts, Sheaves & Bearings

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Misaligned belts, loose or damaged sheaves, can cause premature shaft and/or bearing failure.

Image 2


Regular inspection and periodic replacement of belts, sheaves, etc. maintains capacity and efficiency of the air handling unit.

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