Spot cooling can provide relief for workers in a hot space, speed the drying and curing of building materials, or even temporarily cool a server room during a shutdown or emergency. Call CTM today to discuss your rental or purchased spot cooling solution

Benefits of Air Cooled Air Conditioning

  • Simplest way to provide instant air conditioning to a space assuming condenser exhaust can be properly expelled from the space via CTM supplied flex duct
  • No plumbing requirements aside from condensate removal/drain
  • Available in a variety of tonnages ranging from 0.75 – 25 ton
5 portable air conditioning units 1 ton

Benefits of Water Cooled Air Conditioning

  • Lower amperage draw due to lack of condenser fan
  • Quieter operation
  • Ideal for applications where exhaust ducting is not ideal or impossible
  • Available in a variety of tonnages ranging from 1 – 5 ton.
  • Water cooled requires (1) ¾” hose connection in, (1) 5/8” bare end line out to drain, (1) ¼” bare end line out to drain (hoses supplied by CTM)
4 - 1 ton portable air conditioning units

Building Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner Units for Office

Air-cooled air conditioners, which is typically ventilated through ‘floated’ or drop
ceilings. Accessory kits are available for ducting into a 2 X 2 panel. These units can
also be ducted to push the hot air out through other means, such as a garage or into
any room that does not require cooling. These units are versatile and dependable,
and are a popular choice for instant air conditioning in most buildings.

There are times when building cooling presents unique obstacles. When ventilation
of the condenser air is not possible, particularly in buildings with walls from floor to
roof. In some cases there is not sufficient building space for heat rejection. In that
case water-cooled air conditioner is the best solution.

The water-cooled portable air conditioner units provide a unique portable solution
that uses water for heat rejection in the cooling process. The water may be supplied
from a chilled water loop, a tower loop or a sink. Convenient hose kits provide
flexibility for installation and offer the user a means to cool in restricted areas of a
building. These units are widely used to cool rooms with laboratory equipment,
servers and electronic equipment.

Bright open commercial office space with walls of windows, modern furniture and computers
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Emergency Portable Air Conditioner

Spot Cooler for Emergency Cooling – Commercial & Industrial

Although temporary emergency cooling can be a seasonal requirement, emergency
spot coolers are often employed as a backup when air conditioning systems fail.

One common but extremely important emergency cooling application portable air
conditioner units are routinely used for is to protect IT and telecommunications
hardware. Sensitive electronic equipment has emergency safety triggers built in
which will shut hardware down automatically when it gets too hot. This leads to loss
of business, not just for hosting companies, but loss of client services as well as
damage to a company’s reputation who all suffered widespread hardware shutdowns
for this very reason.

We offer numerous options for IT equipment cooling to deliver unparalleled service
for any application including computer servers, rack rooms, telecom servers, data
centers, networks, ISPs or any rooms which house electronic equipment.

Electronic equipment runs hot and quickly produces an excess of hot air which can be
harmful to sensitive electronic components. Maintaining a cool temperature is vital
to prevent equipment from automatically shutting down due to overheating.

Large glass lobby of a commercial office building
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Spot Coolers for IT Equipment

The effects of a data center shut down are far reaching and greatly impact businesses
and customers alike. With server rooms needing to operate at cooler temperatures
than the rest of an office, it is not very practical to use HVAC systems to cool one
room. That’s why data center spot cooling is a popular solution.

commercial server room, a technician is checking the equipment on the server rack
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Process Cooling

What is Process Cooling?

Process cooling serves to improve productivity in many manufacturing processes by
cooling product within the manufacturing process. In many applications, spot coolers
serve to cool personnel in extremely warm conditions and to dehumidify production
areas where drier conditions are desired.

Likewise, these portable cooling units have been used to deliver efficient cooling, in
manufacturing environments such as food processing, plastics molding and packaging

high tech lab, a scientist looking into a microscope
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Process Cooling – Industrial Applications

Portable industrial process cooling equipment is often referred to as a Portable Spot
Cooler. Common industrial uses for process cooling include manufacturing processes,
pharmaceutical processes and in the chemical industry where temperatures need to
be carefully controlled in order to enable the manufacture of medicines, antibiotics
and other important drugs.


Spot coolers serve the machine tooling industry by enabling process cooling for laser
cutting, plastics, anodizing, molding and many more. We also provide portable spot
cooling to hospitals for use in medical applications where industrial process cooling is
used in laboratories and MRI machines.

Health Care

Clinical facilities frequently have localized cooling needs that cannot be met by the
central air conditioning system. For example, new diagnostic equipment that gives
off more heat than the central air conditioning systems was originally designed to
handle. This can create uncomfortable conditions for patients or even create less
than ideal temperatures for operating the specialized equipment.

Air Cooled portable air conditioners can provide a comfortable setting for patients
undergoing MRIs, CAT scans, and other procedures with cool, refreshing
temperatures. For emergencies, these systems portability makes it easy to move
cooling power to where it’s needed.

Water cooled portable air conditioner units are uniquely positioned to provide the
perfect solution to today’s hospital spot cooling requirements.

During the era of the COVID-19, a lot of hospitals are employing negative air
machines to help mitigate the spread of the air-borne viruses and contaminants from
one room to another. Unfortunately, when using a negative air machine, you are by
design, exhausting more air from a room than is being delivered to a room. This
overwhelms the existing air conditioning system and supplemental air conditioning is
needed to maintain a comfortable space within the hospital. An air cooled portable
unit, would not operate properly under a negative air situation because it needs to
contend with the negative air machine for condenser air. Most air cooled units are
not designed for these levels of negative pressure and do not have a powerful
enough blower to perform properly.

One great function of a water cooled air conditioners is that it can operate perfectly
in negative air environments.

The OceanAire water cooled unit does not require condenser air. Therefore, the need
for air in a negative-pressure room is eliminated, allowing the water-cooled air
conditioner to cool the air within the existing room.

Under negative air conditions, hospitals need to cool the air drawn into the building,
known as make-up air. Since the conditioned air is being exhausted from the building
by the negative air machines, supplemental cooling equipment is needed to maintain
a comfortable atmosphere.

An OceanAire portable water-cooled unit is perfect solution for cooling hospital
lobbies, patient rooms, breakrooms, waiting rooms, MRI rooms, X-ray rooms and so
much more. Every hospital room has a water source (sink, bathroom) where you can
attach our water hoses to and bring water to the unit and drain the water as well.
Because OceanAire water-cooled units recirculate the existing air in the room, they
do not spread or exhaust any air out of the room.

medical facility
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For reception tents at outdoor events such as weddings, and tournaments, Air Cooled portable air conditioners creates the ideal cooling solution. Professional and amateur sports teams use these systems to keep athletes on the sidelines cool, refreshed and ready to play.

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Wine Cellars

Water cooled air conditioner units provide consistent temperature and humidity control with leaving air temperature settings down to 52ºF. The small unit footprint and quiet operation make it a logical choice for the vintner’s cellar.

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