Ultrasonic humidification is the leading technology for both energy efficient production of humidification vapour and efficient absorption of the vapour into the air stream.

Principles of Ultrasonic Humidification

The ultrasonic transducer is a piezo-electric crystal immersed in water where it converts high frequency electronic signals into high frequency mechanical oscillations. The water tries to follow the high-frequency oscillating movement of the crystal (1.65 MHz) but cannot. As a result, a momentary vacuum is created on the negative oscillation of the crystal wherein the water cavitates into vapor. Then, on the positive oscillation, high pressure waves force the cavitated water through the surface of the water as a very fine mist (about 1 micron), which is easily absorbed into the air flow.

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Energy Efficiency and Droplet Size

Ultrasonic humidifiers use approximately 25 watts of power to produce a pound of steam with one droplet size (1) micron in diameter. An equivalent steam system would use 350 watts to make the same pound with the same droplets.

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Mist Pac

Available in four sizes 5#, 15# 18# & 25# per hour, the Mist Pac ultrasonic humidifiers from Humidifirst® are designed for stand alone use. Each unit is built to achieve simplicity of installation and maintenance. The Mist Pac Series uses standard 120V power and has quick-connect fittings for water and electricity. The humidistat is prewired to the control panel. Optional ULTRA-PULSE ™ and HC-301 MICRO-PROCESSOR systems offer pulsating output for tighter RH control.

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Mist Free

Humidifirst’s Patented Mist-Free (MF) humidifiers are uniquely that … mist free! Perfect for humidification needs where visible mist is objectionable, such as small hospital equipment rooms, computer rooms, office areas and low ceiling printing rooms. The Mist-Free series ultrasonic humidifiers are available in 9 and 19 #/hr capacities.

Humidifirst® offers a choice of humidity controllers, ranging from a mechanical on/off humidistat to a state-of-the-art microprocessor with proportional control and modem interface.

The ultrasonic system is virtually maintenance-free. That’s because the use of treated water eliminates the build-up of deposits on any part of the humidifier. With no minerals and particles entering the system, no scaling, plugged nozzles or clogs occur in the system. Likewise, this greatly reduces the need for servicing the equipment since no cleaning is required.

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Ductable to Air Handlers (‘DT Units’) available in Single or Multiple Rack Mounted Units

The broadest line of duct mountable humidifier modules in the industry. The DT-series output capacities range from 10 to 80 #/hr per humidifier module. Unique adjustable discharge nozzles allow for operation in higher velocity airflow. Factory racking of humidifier modules is available. Eight different software programs are available to optimize precision control of humidity.

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Liebert Retrofit Kit

The Humidifirst Retro-fit kit is custom designed for your existing Liebert computer room air conditioner – for Liebert 20 ton to 30 ton downflow units. Designed to replace infra red humidification systems that use 450 watts to make a pound of steam. Paybacks are as rapid as one year.

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CTM Humidifirst Mist Pac MP15 in Operation
75 #/hr system c/w Water Treatment Station
Scotia Bank Plaza 54th Floor

Maintenance and Care of the Ultrasonic Mist Pac MP15

Rack Mounted MP25 100 #/hr Demo

HC301 Control Panel Introduction

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