CTM water treatment systems are designed to remove chemicals, mineral content and contaminants of the inlet water.

Each system is custom designed for the humidification application and sold as an integral part of the humidification solution.

If the customer already has water treatment components on site, we can adapt our components to achieve the output the humidification system requires.

Adiabatic humidification systems, which use the ambient heat in the air to change the state of moisture droplets from liquid to gas, will precipitate out any entrained mineral content within the moisture droplet as the droplet changes state. The accumulated mineral deposits, over time, create problems, both for the humidification equipment, any equipment if the conditioned space and the conditioned space itself. What looks like a fine talcum powder residue causes problems in a variety of ways: build up on the inlet of hard drives causes overheating in data centres; offices require additional cleaning; discharge louvres plug; the life expectancy of an ultrasonic transducer is reduced from thousands of hours to hundreds of hours.

The solution has been to remove the chemical and mineral content at  the water treatment station: CTM humidification systems ship with water treatment systems that have a filter array to remove sediment first, then carbon filtration to remove chemicals in the water; the discharge water from the carbon filters enters a reverse osmosis system where the bulk of the mineral content is removed. As a final measure to ensure ultra purity, a deionization system is added to polish the reduction process to virtually mineral free water. The water at this point is mildly aggressive, to the point where only PVC or stainless steel piping is recommended for product water supply.

CTM humidification systems are designed to run in less than 2.5 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Alarm packages are available for a visual alarm (standard equipment) that is set to alarm when the water treatment filtration system has depleted to the point where the filter array cannot keep product water below 2.5 ppm TDS. At this point some or all of the filters will require changing. At 10 ppm the system should be shut off because of the concentration of minerals that is airborne.

Microprocessor based alarm packages are offered, as an option, to communicate with BAS systems.


Water Quality Conversion Chart

RODI 200 Cut Sheet

RODI 400 Cut Sheet

RODI 600 Cut Sheet

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