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Why Building Humidification is Important For Your Health

Why Humidification is important to Your Health On average people spend the majority of their time indoors. If we are spending that much time inside a building, we want it to be a space that promotes health and wellness. Recent studies by Dr. Stephanie Taylor and ASHRAE have shown this may not be the case. New building construction is designed to maximize the operating efficiency and minimize costs. Thus, tighter buildings, where there is minimal heat/cooling air loss and minimal fresh air entry. This creates a space with dryer and warmer inside

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Emergency Spot Cooling – Summer Is Coming

Emergency Spot Cooling – Summer Is Coming If you are considering a portable A/C unit for residential or a small room or pup tent, the units on sale at your local home renovation warehouse for $750 are good little machines. They install easily, require 110v residential service, and often do not require a condensate pump because they don’t produce enough condensate to require mechanical pumping. The drawback to these units is that they are also almost impossible to service, extremely prone to breakdown, and are not designed for commercial use. Commercial spaces

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Minimizing Your Cooling Tower’s Environmental Impact

Minimizing Your Cooling Tower’s Environmental Impact Minimizing the environmental impact of your cooling tower is very simple…Preventative Maintenance! Regularly scheduled maintenance is the first priority to ensure your system is running on design. When your system is dirty or not working properly there are both financial and environmental costs. RUNNING ON DESIGN: Minimizes Water Usage and Chemical Costs Helps to control bacterial growth Reduces Energy Use - For every 1% rise in return water temperature to the chiller = 1.2% rise in operating kW of chiller As an operator what can you

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