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Windsor Justice Facility

Windsor, Ontario

The Windsor Justice Facility is a multi-use high profile government building with specific ambient conditions. Until the fall of 2015 the building was making use of electric isothermal humidification which was poorly controlled and highly inefficient. When it came time to retrofit the facility to meet modern standards of energy efficiency, quality of environment, and precision controls the engineer reached out to CTM to aid in the design. After careful study, ultrasonic technology proved to meet all necessary design requirements and selected as the basis for design.

The penthouse mechanical room and basement mechanical rooms serve as a return air plenum/mixing room for the fresh air makeup feeding fans 102-109. Lekter Industrial built stainless steel boxes to surround the makeup intake and house the rack mounted humidifiers.

Below is a video showing CTM’s Ultrasonic Humidification retrofit system at Windsor Justice Facility.

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Windsor Justice Facility