Air cooled portable air conditioner units are commonly used for spot cooling. They are an excellent
choice for climate control in rooms with sensitive equipment such as computer server rooms
because they do not require water lines as input and do not output waste water.

How Do Air Cooled Air Conditioners Work?

Air cooled portable air conditioner units use ambient air and convert it to cool air with internal
condensers. These units require the use of air ducts to extract hot air from the unit and expel it
from the room, so an air cooled air conditioner requires a means of ventilation.

Typically, air cooled portable air conditioner units are ventilated through a window. It is also
common to extract hot air via a ‘floated’ ceiling where the hot air can be dispersed and not re-enter
the room. Other ways of ventilation include through doorways, into garages or into any room
which does not require cooling.

Large commercial grade air cooled portable air conditioners are often installed outdoors and utilize
duct work to bring cold air to and from, a desired location. These units are commonly installed as a
temporary measure to bypass a failed system, however can be used in virtually any application
where large quantities of conditioned air is required.

Features & Specs

  • Automatic re-start after power interruptions
  • Compressor off-timer to prevent short cycling
  • Separate direct drive fan motors
  • Spot-cool and room-cool thermostat settings
  • Refrigerant system high-pressure switch
  • Internally insulated with fiberglass insulation
  • Thermostatic control with multi-speed fan
  • Heavy duty twin wheel lockable casters for portability
  • Power cord with arc fault protection
  • ETL listed
  • Condensate jug with overflow protection
  • Compressor time delay

0.75 TON

1.25 TON

2.5 TON


Cooling Capacity (BTUH) 10,000 13,200 29,000 61,200
Cooling Test Conditions (ºF) 95 DB / 83 WB 95 DB / 83 WB 95 DB / 83 WB 80 DB / 67 WB
Power Supply:
Volts / Phase / Hz
115/1/60 115/1/60 230/1/60 a) 230/1/60
b) 230/3/60
c) 460/3/60
Amperage 10.0 10.9 14.8 a) 49.7
b) 26.1
c) 15.4
Fuse Size (Amps) 15 15 15 See Local Code
LCDI Plug Configuration  NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-15 NEMA 6-20 Field Wired
Refrigerant Type R-410A R-410A R-410A R-410A
Width 17.2″ 20.5″ 22″ 40.3″
Depth 24″ 26″ 29.4″ 30.6″
Height 20″ 40.9″ 47.3″ 78″
Weight (lbs) 121 185 216 650
Condensate Tank Capacity (gal) Pump
3.17 3.17 Pump

Mobile Units

12 Ton Mobile Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity (BTU) 12 Ton/144,000
Heating Capacity (BTU) Optional
Air Flow Evaporator (CFM) 4,800
Voltage 208/230/60/3
Power Consumption (KW) 20
Current Consumption (AMPS) 74
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS) 91.2
NEMA Plug Configuration Camlock
Dimensions W X D X H (IN) 46 X 68 X 59
Weight (LBS) 1,200
Image 1

25 Ton Mobile Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity (BTU) 25 Ton/299,000
Heating Capacity (BTU) Optional
Air Flow (CFM) Evaporator 9,400
Voltage 208/230/60/3
Power Consumption (KW) 42.5
Current Consumption (AMPS) 124
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS) 150
NEMA Plug Configuration Camlock
Dimensions W X D X H (IN) 92 X 204 X 77
Weight (LBS) 6,000
Image 1

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